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eletrônicos e circuitos eletrônicos grátis

AC Power Controls Amplifiers Anemometer Circuits
AC to AC Converters Audio Annunciator Circuits
AC to AC Power Supplies Buffer Antenna Circuits
AC to DC Converters Differential Applause Meter
AC to DC Power Supplies High Frequency Aquarium Circuits
Acceleration Sensors / Monitors High Gain Astable Circuits
Acoustic Circuits High Impedance Attenuators
Active Antenna High Speed Audio Amplifiers
Active Filters IF (Intermediate Frequency) Audio Circuits
Band-pass Instrumentation Accessories
High-pass Limiting Intercom
Low-pass Logarithmic Level, Tone & Balance
Notch Low Noise Mixers
Acquistions Data Circuits Microwave Power Amplifiers
Adder Circuits Operational Preamplifiers
Air Conditioner (HVAC) Circuits Power Stereo
Air Flow Monitors RF (Radio Frequency) Surround Sound
Air Pollution / Quality Monitor Transimpedance Audio Mixers
Aircraft Receivers Variable Gain Audio Oscillator Circuits
Alarm Circuits Video Automatic Frequency Controls
AM (Amplitude Modulation) Circuits Amplitude Modulation (AM) Circuits Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Circuits
AM Receiver Circuits Analog to Digital (A / D) Circuits Automatic Level Control Circuits
AM Transmitter Circuits Analog Multipliers Automotive Circuits
Amp Meters Analog Switches

Camera Circuits Conductivity Sensors Converters – Continued
Camera Flashers Constant Current Circuits Voltage to Current
Capacitance Sensors Contact Bounce Suppression Circuits Voltage to Frequency
Capacitance Switches Control Circuits Wide Band
Capacitors (Super) Circuits Converters: Cooling Fan Controls
Carrier Current Transceivers AC to AC Cosine
Cathode-Ray Circuits AC to DC Counters and Timer Circuits
Cell Phones Analog to Digital (ADC) Crystal Filters
Charge Pump Circuits Current to Voltage Crystal Oscillators
Chopper Circuits DC to AC Cube Root
Clock Circuits DC to DC Current Limiters
Code Practice Circuits Digital to Analog (DAC) Current Loop Circuits
Color Organ Circuits Frequency Current Meters
Colpits Oscillators Frequency to Voltage Current Mirrors
Combustible Gas Detectors Period to Frequency Current Sensors / Monitors
Compandor Circuits Period to Voltage Current Source / Sink Circuits
Comparator Circuits RF (Radio Frequency) Current to Voltage Converters
Computer Cables Sine to Square Wave
Computer Interface Voltage


H-Bridge Circuits High-Pass Filters Active Horse Power Meters
Hall Effect Circuits High-Pass Filters – Passive Hour Meters
Hartley Oscillator High Speed / Frequency Circuits Human Motion Detectors
Headphones NEW High Voltage Generators Human Proximity Detectors
High Gain Amplifiers High Voltage Monitors Human Touch Detectors
High Impedance Circuits Holiday Circuits Humidity Sensors and Monitors

Noise Generator Noise Reduction Filters Notch Filters – Active

Notch Filters – Passive

One Shot Circuits Oscilloscope Circuits Oscillator Circuits – Continued
Opacity Circuits Oscillator Circuits RF
Operational Amplifier Circuits Astable Sine wave
Optic Circuits Audio Square wave
Optical Fiber Circuits Colpits Triangle wave
Optical Sensors Crystal Variable-Frequency NEW
Opto Coupler Circuits Hartley Voltage controlled
Opto-Isolator Couplers Pierce Wien bridge

PA (Public Address) Circuits Photoelectric Circuits Power Supplies – Continued
PDA Circuits Photo-Flash Circuits High Voltage
PLL (Phase Locked Loop) Circuits Photography Circuits Low Voltage Drop
PWM (PulseWidth Modulation) Photovoltaic Circuits Switchmode
Particle Detector Pierce Oscillators UPS
Passive Filters Piezoelectric Circuits Variable
Band-pass Pink Noise Generator Circuits Preamplifiers
Crystal Position Monitors Pressure Sensors
High-pass Potentiometer Circuits Probe Circuits
Low-pass Power Amplifiers Programmable Gain Amplifiers
Notch Power Control Circuits Programmable Device Codes
Passive Infrared Circuits Power Failure Alarm Programmable Unijunction Transistor
Peak Detectors Power FET Circuits PROJECTS TO BUILD
Pedometers Power Line Circuits (PUT) Circuits
Period to Voltage Converter Power Meters / Monitors Protection Circuits
Pest Control Circuits Power Supplies Proximity Circuits
Phase Detector AC to AC Public Address (PA) Circuits
Phase Locked Loop (PPL) Circuits AC to DC Pulse Generator
Phase Modulation (PM) Circuits DC to AC Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Phase Shifting Keying (PSK) DC to DC Push-Pull Circuits
Photo Cell Circuits

Quadraphonic Circuits Quadrature Detectors

RFID Circuits

RMS (Root Mean Square) Meters Reference Circuits RF (Radio Frequency Mixers
Radar Circuits Regulated Power Supply Circuits RF (Radio Frequency Oscillators
Radar Detectors Regulator Circuits RF (Radio Frequency) Receivers
Radiation Detectors / Monitors Relay Circuits RF (Radio Frequency) Transmitters
Radio Control Circuits Remote Control Circuits RFID Circuits
Radio Frequency ID Devices Resistance Meters Root Mean Squaren (RMS) Meters
Rain Detector Revolutions Per Minute Monitors Robot Circuits
Ramp Generators RF (Radio Frequency) Circuits Rocket Circuits
Receiver Circuits RF (Radio Frequency) Amplifiers Rotation Monitors
Rectifier Circuits RF (Radio Frequency) Converters RPM Monitors

RF (Radio Frequency) Detectors

Safety Circuits Sensor / Detectors – Continued
Sample and Hold Circuits Moisture / Water Siren Circuits
Sampling Circuits Motion Smoke Detector
Sawtooth Generator Peak Snow Detector
Scanner Circuits Phase Snow Level Monitor
Schmitt Trigger Position Solar Cell Circuits
SCR Circuits Pressure Solar Energy Monitors
Silicon controlled Rectifier Circuits Proximity Solenoid Circuits
Security Circuits Radar Solid State Relays
Seismic Monitors Radiation Sound Effect Circuits
Sensors / Detectors Resistance Sound Level Monitors
Accelerations RF (Radio Frequency) Sound Synthesizer
Air Flow Rotation Sound Operated Circuits
Air Quality Seismic SPICE
Automotive Solar Energy Sprinkler Controls
Biomedical Smoke Square Wave Generators
Capacitance Speed Square Wave Oscillators
Conductivity Temperature Squelch Circuits
Current Vacuum Strain Gauge Circuits
Dew Vibration Staircase Generators
Distance Voltage Step Down Power Supplies
Flame Water / Moisture Step Up Power Supplies
Flow Wind Speed Stepper Motor Circuits
Frequency Servo Circuits Stereo Circuits
Gas Shaft Encoders Strobe Circuits
Human Motion Shunt Regulators Super Capacitor Circuits
Human Proximity Sine to Square Wave Converters Surround Sound Circuits
Human Touch Silicon Controlled Rectifier Sweep Circuits
Humidity Sine-Wave Generators Swimming Pool Alarm
Light Sine Wave Oscillators Switch Circuits
Liquid Signal Adders Switch Mode Power Supplies
Magnetic Signal Generators Switching Regulators
Metal Signal Injectors Sync Circuits
Microwave Single Sideband Circuits Synthesizer Circuits

T / R (Transmitter / Receiver) Switch Thermistor Circuits Transducer Circuits
Tachometer Circuits Thermocouple Circuits Transformer Circuits
Telemetry Circuits Thermometers Transimpedance Amplifiers
Telephone Circuits Three Phase Circuits Transistor Circuits
Telephone Ringers Tilt Meters Transmitter Circuits
Television Circuits Time Delay Circuits Triac Circuits
Television / VCR Remotes Timers and Counters Triangle Wave Generators
Temperature Alarms Tone Controls Triangle Wave Oscillators
Temperature Compensation Circuits Torque Circuits Triggering Circuits
Temperature Control Circuits Touch Switch Circuits Transistor Transistor Logic Circuits
Temperature Sensors Track and Hold Circuits TTL Circuits
Tesla Coil Traffic Counter Tunnel Diode Circuits
Testers Train (Model) Circuits TVS
Theremin Circuits Transceiver Circuits TV / VCR Remotes

Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS)

Water Sensors Weather Instruments Wind Speed / Direction Monitor
Water Level Monitors White LEDs NEW Window Comparator Circuits
Watt Hour Meter Circuits White Noise Generators Wire Tracer
Waveform Generators Wide Band Circuits Wireless Microphones
Wave-Shaping Circuits Wien Bridge Oscillators Wireless Telephones